What is Valid?

Valid is an online API service that lets you validate and retrieve swedish postalcode and address information. By sending an request you can check wheter or not a swedish address is correct, and if not - get a list of suggestions with valid addresses.

The service can easily be integrated in your CRM or website.

Why validate swedish addresses and postal codes?

Over a year there can be up to 250,000 changes among sweden's addresses and postal codes. By validating the address before it is stored in your systems you prevent the risk of dealing with incorrect address information.

With the right address you can be sure that your shipments arrive (and timely).
You also avoid penalties and the like that are usually charged when trying to send packages, parcels and letters to invalid addresses.

Valid lets you:

  • Check and validate Swedish addresses and postcodes
  • Ensure that deliveries can be made to a certain address
  • Ensure that your customers is in the right place
  • Streamline your order management and your billing practices
  • Make your call center and customer service quick and efficient to your customers

Valid and E-commerce

Reduce your returns, unnecessary handling and administration using Valid. Ensure that the letters, parcels and goods you send goes to the correct address as both are valid but also suitable for the delivery of letters and / or package deliveries.

How much does it costs to use incorrect addresses?

Several of our customers have figured out that an incorrect address costs 70 SEK or more per delivery/parcel, usually more. How much does it cost you?

Platform independent

With our web based service, SparGIS, you can easily create sales districts and zoning based on swedish zip codes, postal towns, counties or municipalities


 Valid API Documentation

Simpler form of documentation for the Valid API.

 Valid API Status codes

List of all the status codes that Valid API uses.

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