Shipping information

File delivery information

When you make an order on our website you'll get an order confirmation. In this order confirmation you'll find a download link with the files or data that you ordered.

When purchasing data files we always recommend our customers to go for some kind of subscription. This is to make sure that you always have updated and correct information. 

FTP Delivery

When you order a subscription of a data file you'll get a FTP account to our FTP server where your files gets delivered to.

When first ordering a subscription of a data file you will get an email with  your login information.

Each time a new files gets delivered you'll get a notification sent to your email. In this email you'll also find a download link to easily access the file directly from the email.

Your files gets delivered on mondays and are saved on your FTP account at least a year. 
If you don't delete the files yourself you can always find older deliveries on your account.

What distinguishes the files in FTP subscription from the first download link is that the date is included in the zip file name.

Custom delivery of files

It's also possible to get the files delivered to your FTP account instead, where we can customize the file name and format.

Contact us for more information on this. 

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