Swedish Address and postal code data cleansing

Address Laundry is a service to help you to keep the addresses in your customer records accurate and current. With the right addresses you get more out of your investments and get fewer returns.

Order a cleansing of your swedish addresses and postcodes. We will send back an updated version of the same file where we have corrected every error that we could find.

How much does it costs to have incorrect addresses?

The first thing you might think about is the cost of postage, package/parcel costs, stationery, etc. It can be harder to spontaneously estimate costs for late delivery, bad will of the recipient, managing to correct and resend a letter or parcel. Other consequences may be that transportation does not become effective, not to mention the huge negative environmental impact.

Several of our customers have estimated that an error might cost you 70 SEK / parcel/delivery, usually more. How much does it costs you and your business?

We validate and correct an address based on what is the correct address in the Swedish Post office's postcode database - always up to date with current and correct information.

Before you proceed an order our Address cleansing:

  • Your address file must be either in Excel or any kind of column separated text file (CSV).
  • Your file must contain three main columns: a swedish street address, a postcode and the postal locality/city.
  • Street address can contain both numbers and letters, eg "Main Street 12 A ' but can also be kept in their own columns.

It is okay if your file has columns that doesn't contain address data present in the file. These columns will simply be lifted an kept unchanged during the process.

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