• Nordic addresses and postalcodes

    We are happy to announce that we can now also provide the address and postal code information, in Norway, Finland and Denmark.

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  • Addresses are like strawberries, after a week they get old

    Postnummerservice is a company providing swedish address and postalcode data which enables you to validate Swedish addresses and postalcodes.

    Keep your addresses and customer records up to date and accurate with the help of our large selection and variety of data files

  • SparGIS - Take control of your sales district and areas

    • Area classifications based on swedish postalcodes, localities, counties, municipalities, parishes
    • Correct and up to date - weekly updates of postalcodes and localities
    • Export the addresses and postalcodes within each area.
    • Create and keep your sale districts, zoning and selection areas updated.

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  • Address validation

    • Validate swedish addresses and postalcodes
    • Check if a swedish address is a valid shipping address, ie susceptible to parcel and freight delivery.
    • Create functions with automatic suggestions that will help the user to fill in the correct address.

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  • Be address smart and at the same time environment friendly

    Increase profits and reduce cost - Each year there are more than 150,000 changes in Sweden addresses, that is over 2,000 a week.

    Make sure that your address register is up to date and of high quality.

    With correct and updated addresses you get:

    • Efficient deliveries that will arrive on time
    • Reduced costs to correct errors
    • A positive impact on the environment through reduced logistics/routes
    • Satisfied customers and recipients
    • Increased address quality

SparGIS - Swedish postal code map

The optimal mapping tool for anyone working with sales district, zoning and selection areas in Sweden.

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Valid - swedish address and postalcode validation in real time

Verify Swedish street address and postal codes in real time using our service, Valid.

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Reference data

Order data files with Swedish addresses, postal codes, GIS-data etc.

Reference data 

Search postcode/address

Use our service to find or validate any swedish street address, postal code or locality

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